Rasmo Salumi: The Company

The Rasmo family has been producing high quality products for 5 generations in Gerosa, Bergamo.
Rasmo Salumi offers a wide range of products made with passion, expertise and the best Italian pork meat in a modern factory under the HACCP test mark.
Artisanal care and climatic properties of the Val Taleggio area favour a slow and natural maturing phase which leads to hight quality products with unique taste.


The Ingredients

Rasmo Salumi selects the best Italian pig cuts.
The main raw materials used are thigh, shoulder, strap, lard and coppa.
The raw meats are processed as they are delivered to the factory with the addition of many traditional ingredients, such as nutmeg, crushed garlic and red wine.


The meat

The cuts selected for all the Rasmo Salumi products come from Italian farms located in the “Pianura Padana".
Great cure to the pigs' nutrition and health allows to achieve the best quality meat.

The Maturation process

The maturation of the Rasmo Salumi products is slow and takes place in special cells of the Rasmo Salumi factory, located in Gerosa (Bergamo).
The positive climate conditions of the valleys give unique flavors and aromas to the products.
Fresh air, high quality ingredients and traditional processes: this is Rasmo Salumi

The Production Process

raw material selection

After rigorous quality control of the raw materials , Rasmo Salumi proceed with the different processing stages.

grinding and mixing

The anatomic cuts are mixed and chopped with a special care to the ingredients: lean and fat meat, natural spices and traditional ingredients.

casing and tying

The mixtures are bagged into natural casings and then tied by hand.


The Rasmo Salumi products, after being tied, are placed into special climate cabinets to dry